29 July, 2009

"Little Black Dress" - August Contest Theme

Hello gorgeous Kenyan ladies! This month's theme, inspired by BT from last month is "Little Black Dress" So, get out that black dress, or submit an already taken photo and enter our new contest.

25 July, 2009

The Contest Results...

Well ladies and gentlemen. This is harder than it looks. For our first ever contest we had 11 entries. Did we want more? Yes but it was manageable and fun to start this way. It was very hard to judge this contest because of all the beautiful ladies who entered. Not an easy choice and even while writing this, I've seen how close the competition was. First for all you ladies out there who entered, thanks and you are all fantastic. Don't let not winning discourage you from entering again. I will say that there were at least four of you who just missed the cut. So...keep trying. So without further delay, here are our inaugural contest winners...

First Place goes to BT. Something about that sexy dress, that waterfall, the hair and the sweet smile put BT (a late entry) over the top!

Second Place goes to Sash. The cute pose, the obvious great figure and the smile were what set Sash up for a very nice entry!

Third Place goes to Lisa. Lisa has an obvious talent for taking pictures. That red/pink top and the smile and the great peek of stomach edged her over the rest!

Great job ladies and keep looking for the theme of the next competition for August. Coming soon! By the way, winners will receive their prize money via Mpesa by Sunday, July 26th.

Contest now closed for month.

Hi All. The contest is now closed for the month. Rusults will be published on Sunday July 26th.

Stay tuned for the next (August) contest complete with a theme!

Thanks all!



hope my smile wins a heart..


What can i say.... May the creme de la creme girl win.

Yours truly,

23 July, 2009


I love taking pictures and I have always wanted to model so this is a great chance. cheers.


Always believe in yourself in all that you do!

22 July, 2009


I believe this is our time to shine as Kenyan models.

21 July, 2009

20 July, 2009


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and if your eyes can find it in me, then grant me the honor of your vote.