03 September, 2009

August Contest Results!!!

Well ladies and gentlemen. This is still a hard decision month-to-month. For our second monthly contest we had 12 entries. Not as many as we would like for a contest such as this but we'll keep going and maybe you ladies will see we're serious. It was very hard to judge this contest because of all the beautiful ladies who entered. Not an easy choice and even while writing this, I've seen how close the competition was. First for all you ladies out there who entered, thanks and you are all fantastic. Don't let not winning discourage you from entering again. I will say that there were at least three of you who just missed the cut. There were others who sent pics but didn't comply with the theme. I want to post what you send but when the theme is "little black dress" and you're clearly not in a black dress, we can't very well include you with the winners. Nonetheless, even outside the theme, you are all breathtakingly beautiful. So...keep trying. So without further delay, here are our August contest winners...

First Place goes to Shiko. Shiko...that smile and those legs put you over the top! Congratulations!

Second Place goes to Sharon. There's something about you Sharon that is sexy and sultry and makes us want to know you better!

Third Place goes to Wendy. Wendy we have to assume your dress is black from the waist down and those beads, earrings, and especially your smile make you a fantastic and close 3rd!

Great job ladies and keep looking for the theme of the next competition for September coming soon! By the way, winners will receive their prize money via Mpesa as soon as I can figure out how to Mpesa from the U.S...bear with me.

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